Our Travel Style

We believe in traveling whichever way makes you comfortable but also brings you into the culture. Buying into our trips means that you understand that you will be sharing a room with other members of the trip. We rent out houses, apartments, castles, and more. Beds are usually twin and dormitory style. Every so often we will luck up and find an amazing location with tons of space so that everyone can have their own room, but that isn’t the standard unless we grab a boutique hotel. Even in those cases, the room is shared between two members of the trip.

I know this can be a lot of reading but we want to make sure BlackGirlFly is the right group for you. It keeps the expectations honest and transparent for all members who buy into our trips. We will never use a hostel, because it honestly isn’t our style but we aren’t above sharing some nice dorm style bunk beds if necessary for the location and overall quality of the home!

Please keep this in mind as you are booking one of our travel experiences.