Is BlackGirlFly Right For You?

We love that you are interested in joining our community but we want to make sure that our community is the right fit for you. BlackGIrlFly is a community before anything else. We talk, we share, we laugh, and we are always there to encourage you. Although you will chat with your group members prior to a BlackGirlFly trip, chances are you will be strangers until the moment you met on your trip. Rooms are more than likely shared, unless otherwise stated and we usually stay in rented homes, apartments, castles, boutique hotels or condominiums around the world so that you can fully immerse yourselves into the culture you’re exploring. This leads me to another point to consider before you reserve a space for one of our trips..

Are you flexible? I’m not speaking in terms of yoga but culturally are you flexible? Do you have an open mind or do you prefer things to go the way that you intend for them to go? Traveling abroad can have its share of challenges that can make a vacation less than desirable if you aren’t mentally ready to accept that some things are beyond your control, and mine, and everyone else. I’ve learned to go with the flow and to not become so set in my American ways when abroad. Different cultures do things differently and being in their native country, it’s only right that we respect that.


Are you traveling to experience the culture or to hang around the pool while on social media? I’m not asking this to be facetious but to better explain our style of traveling. The ladies of BlackGirlFly are OBSESSED with learning about the cultures of the world. The more off beaten, the better! We don’t want you to come with us on a trip and feel left out or as if you paid for an experience you did not want. We get it, we understand and this is why we are having this heart to heart with you right now.

Everything isn’t for everybody and that is okay

So who are the women that fit our mold? She is always curious, she indulges in music of the world. She is the first to order something she can’t pronounce properly but that is why it caught her eye. She is always learning. She is flexible. She isn’t catty, these trips have too many women for hostility. She’s easy going and easy to have a conversation with. She has a sense of humor! She’s always down for a good time. Her heart is light but big. She isn’t selfish. She isn’t self-centered. She wants to be apart of a sisterhood. She is considerate. She is unforgettable and for all of the right reasons. She’s the one that will convince you to be free. She is BlackGirlFly.